Hi, I'm
Abhishek Agarwal

Welcome to my Online Home. I identify myself as a product designer. I design software products and primarily write about them. Currently, building a curation platform called Project PCPI. Every week, I write a NewsLetter called Productize Philosophy.

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My Approach to Product Design

My philosophical leanings leads me in all directions and brings me back to a core understanding for how we are and what we wish to be. I create products to optimize for this understanding of life. Philosophy helps me to hone my thinking in first-principles and create a Language system that precedes a Design System for clear product thinking and discussions.

I also draw from The Art of Persuasion which is like a UI on Human Conditioning. It helps me learn how people buy into ideas and will orient to designs.

Here's a link to the ongoing epistemology for my theory on Product/Interaction Design.

About a Product I'm designing

I am currently working on a "non-prescriptive" curation platform code-named as Project PCPI. You can check out the Manifesto here.

About my Essays

You could really begin with any of these 3 essays:
- Building E-Mail from First Principles: Basecamp's HEY
- A rather "philosophical" approach to understanding human nature
- The W.A.R.S. framework to design a “sincere” Notification System

I like to compartmentalize my essays into two broad categories: Designing Information and Examining Products. Check it all out here.

I write an essay and a letter each week about:

This website is a collection of everything I love. Product Design, Philosophy and Art of Persuasion often intersect to create my essays. Consumer Tech are some of my favorite products to think about. I like to think that my job here is to provide you a map through these landscapes. The ideal way to follow me is through my Weekly Email NewsLetter called Productize Philosophy.

My social media of choice is Twitter. Find me here!

It is the life you wish to live that guides the life you make available to other people.


Project PCPI

What feels like my life's work, Project PCPI is aimed at enabling you to mindfully consume and curate valuable pieces of content for your rich, "digital garden" that can be creatively shared and cultivated with the world. Although, when you simply think of PCPI as a "digital garden for evolving content", a load of possibilities open up.

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Think of me as a pen-pal with aligning curiosities. I reply to everything and you may ask  "directions"  for anything I may know about.